Top 3 Coffees on the Gold Coast

Now, we love a coffee and reckon the Gold Coast has the best coffee makers in Australia.

That’s why narrowing it down to just the Top 3 was a long an arduous process, but we made it! There is no doubt that this is and will remain a hotly debated topic regardless of who we choose. Our criteria was simple. Quality Coffee. We don’t care if you have crates for chairs and and jars for glasses. We look past your trendiness and popularity to see how good you really are. We just want to find the best coffee on the Coast. Here’s our Top 3.

1. No Name Lane


Between us we’ve had over 200 coffees from No Name Lane and we can’t remember one that hasn’t hit the spot (we’re a fussy bunch too). The temperature is perfect every time and the blend is spectacular, these guys have got it nailed. A Melbourne influence tops this off as the best coffee shop on the Gold Coast. Please do us, them and most importantly yourselves a favour and grab a coffee from here. No need to add sugar – it is most certainly not required.

Located at the bottom of the Oracle Building, Broadbeach.

2. Blackboard Coffee


You can count on getting an unbelievable coffee here every time. Your first sip will orgasmically flow through your veins. If we’ve found one thing, it’s that it’s hard to find a joint that delivers consistently great tasting coffee. That’s why the thing we love about Blackboard is that we always leave with a buzzing smile. What’s more, once you get here you’ll find that crazy good coffee is only one of the many things Blackboard perfect. Get there. Now. Do it!

7/240 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes

3. Hide ‘n’ Seek Espresso


So here’s one a little out of left field. We stumbled across this modest coffee bar one day and now make sure we visit every time we’re in the area. The thing we love about Hide ‘n’ Seek is their dedication to excellent coffee. Hide n Seek’s vast experience in making coffee will be quite clear once you taste this exquisite brew. They don’t try to do or be anything other than delivering one of the best cups of coffee on the Coast. Tucked away in the back streets of Miami, a small detour to this place is a must. Real friendly bunch too.

2/110 Mountain View Avenue, Miami

Hey! Do you know of a Coffee Shop on the Gold Coast that should be in our Top 3?

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll check it out and give you the credit if it makes it in!



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